Sunday, March 29, 2009


The Rose by Donna Brock.

The red blossom bends
and drips its dew to the ground.
Like a tear it falls

This haiku presents quite a bit of imagery. In reading it, I saw a bright red rose bending toward the group after a cold, damp night. However, the final line "Like a tear it falls" gives the overall poem a depressing tone. Instead of this flower blooming in the early morning sun after a night of rain, the author seems to be saying that this flower is sad. In cohesion with the final line, I think the author's purpose is for the reader to consider the sadness of nature. This blossom is weighed down by the rain and has had enough and therfore begins to cry. The image reminds me of myself in the past few weeks--as if I have made it through a rough storm and cannot seem to find the strength to get up again.
In addition, the image of a red blossom covered in dew is beautiful. However, juxtaposed with the idea of a tear, a different image is presented. Instead of viewing this flower as beautiful and sparkling, we see it as being weighed down and slowly getting rid of the weight by crying. I think the author did a lovely job juxtaposing the first two lines with the final line to achieve her purpose.

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